High impact aroma chemicals

High Impact


These are three linked articles on "High Impact Aroma Chemicals", a term I make no claim to have invented, but would claim to have gone some way to popularising, and most importantly, defining!

High Impact Aroma Chemicals I - More Fizz For Your Buck

The first article covers the idea in general and introduces the flavour wheel. Having made a stab at defining what a "high impact aroma chemical" actually is, it discusses possible materials for the key aroma types.

High Impact Aroma Chemicals II - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (original text)

The second article has a modified or updated flavour wheel now with 20 segments. It examines two savoury flavour types – coffee and roast beef – and also chocolate, whose aroma chemicals indicate it to be a hybrid of sweet and savoury. It also has "The Devil's Flavour Wheel" of off-notes, which has made it onto a number of websites, including a blog on wine, where someone commented "The devil's flavour wheel looks like the cookbook I used a lot in university"….

High Impact Aroma Chemicals III - Fire & Brimstone

The third and final article looks specifically at sulphur high impact aroma chemicals; sulphur compounds are often the most odourous of all, the highest impact, toppermost of the poppermost, as it were. There are also some observations on stability of such materials.